9PC Accessory Kit


9PC Accessory Kit


Take DynaSteam to the next level with the 9PC Accessory Kit!


Take the power of DynaSteam to the Next Level with Optional Accessories. Clean like never before with the optional accessory kit! The DynaSteam accessory kit includes a window cleaner squeegee, floor cleaner brush, floor cleaner cloth, floor brush adaptor, wallpaper stripper, angled high-pressure nozzle, large cleaning brush, small cleaning brush, and a small tool adaptor. Some of the many uses for the accessory kit are:

  • Destroys Mold And Mildew
  • Cleans And Revitalizes Baby Toys, Car Seats, Etc
  • Sterilizes Dog & Pet Bedding
  • Removes Dirt From Patio Tables & Furniture
  • Steam Clean Car, Motorcycle & Boat Exteriors
  • Lifts Away Dirt From Concrete, Wood And Stonework
  • Helps Peel Away Wallpaper
  • Renews Hunting & Fishing Gear
  • Details Car & RV Interiors
  • Blasts Clean Grout & Tiles
  • Maintains & Sanitizes Garden Tools
  • Sanitizes Bathroom & Kitchens

Just add water, attach the desired accessory, pull the trigger, and clean away with DynaSteam.



Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.7 × 5.7 × 17 in