Getting Attached-What’s Included with the DynaSteam?

Now that Spring has officially sprung, the weeds are back in full force! The DynaSteam is here to help make weeding herbicide AND hassle free!

Meet the three wonderful weeding attachments that help get the job done:

The Triple Root Spike:

The exclusive Triple Root Spike shoots steam below the surface encircling the weed right at the root. Each tip has a hole that emits the super-heated steam for ultimate root penetration, killing the weed at the source.

The Speed Weeding Cone:

The Speed Weeding Cone tackles weeds in-between pavers, concrete, decorative stone, and more! This is also great to use on expansive crops of weeds, like crabgrass or Creeping Jenny. It allows you to cover more area of the weed at once, saving time and energy!

The Precision Jet Tip:


The Precision Jet Tip is perfect for reaching weeds in small cracks in the pavement, brick, or any other hardscape. The concentrated steam will force the weeds right out of the tight areas!

Using these attachments separately or in conjunction with one another will maximize your weeding efforts, all with the sole power of super-heated steam!

Once finished weeding, you can bring the DynaSteam inside the house to tackle dozens of other projects with our optional 9-piece accessory kit. Or, you can purchase our brass BBQ grill brush to rid your grill of gunk!

No matter the task at hand, the DynaSteam attachments will get the job done!

Stay Steamin’