How it Works

Steam The Weeds Away with DynaSteam™! Great for Organic Gardening! Use ordinary tap water super-heated to over 300°F to kill weeds. No Glyphosates, No Herbicides… Just add water and apply the steam for 5-10 seconds. Dandelions and weeds of all kinds will wilt immediately and die in 24-48 hours. The DynaSteam™ comes complete with three attachments for every type of surface. The Speed Weeding Cone tackles weeds in between pavers, concrete, decorative stone and all hardscapes. The exclusive Triple Root Spike shoots steam below the surface encircling the weed right at the root and the Precision Jet Tip gets into tight areas. With DynaSteam you can enjoy a weed-free lawn without the chemicals!

And now that the weeds are gone, you’ll find hundreds of uses for steam around the house and garage. The optional BBQ brush keeps grill grates steam clean and food flavors fresh. Take DynaSteam to the next level with the 9 piece accessory kit for cleaning just about anything.