Gum Wall Gets Steamed!

Gum Wall Gets Steamed!

The DynaSteam does many things, from killing weeds to cleanly stripping wallpaper to effortlessly melting the gunk off your grill grates. Reminiscent of the latter mode, a fascinating news article comes from Seattle this week involving an alley, a wall, tourists, and chewing gum that is up to twenty years old – also art, depending on how you look at it.


The location: Pike Place Market “Gum Wall” (once the “world’s second-germiest tourist attraction”).

The tradition: Sticking your used gum (operative word: “used”) onto the expansive, gooey, multicolored mural that has developed over two decades of quasi-Banksies visiting the scenic-if-not-sanitary attraction.

The solution: The Pike Place’s PDA (not what you think – Preservation & Development Authority) contracting Cascadian Building Maintenance to pressure-wash the wall with an industrial steam machine. That’s right…
…STEAM! 280-degree steam, to be exact – 20 degrees short of where the DynaSteam’s target zone begins. This drastic measure comes after years of less extreme, bimonthly cleanings in hopes to “wipe the canvas clean and keep it fresh,” “preserve the historic buildings in the Market district,” and deter future gum-chewing visitors to perpetuate the trend.

In the photos and video linked to below you can see the CBM reps using Ghostbuster-esque, steam-wielding tools to defeat the long-congealing candies.

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